02 December 2007

more thanksgiving

i appreciate that at Thanksgiving time we often ask and answer the question, "what are you most thankful for?" It's good to reflect on and give thanks. Personally, when I'm lowest or even points when I am anxious, or at all self-absorbed, it helps me to assess and offer thanks and praise to God.

After church today i listened to a voicemail from a friend. She invited me to drop by her house after church and pick up a little gift. It was a gift of firewood. She knows about my love of fires, and my fireplace. and she knows I don't have a steady supply of firewood. Another friend has supplied me with a fantastic supply of kindling. So, those pieces make the ingredients for a great fire. And on a slushy, rainy, grey day like today, a fire is definitely calling my name.

I couldn't do it however, without the gifts of these friends. So thanks Stephanie, Mary, and Jack, for supplying the fuel to create warm and cozy fires!!


A Shirley said...

I need to spend more time at your house. I love fires and have never owned a home with a fireplace.

Gracie said...

Yes, you should!! Come over anytime!

Sabrina said...

Your fireplace is beautiful! I love the yellow walls! Very cheery! like you! :)

hildred said...

ahhhhh ... makes me want to be there! think of dad building a HUGE fire downstairs, the scent of burning pine wafting through the air, dragging out sleeping bags and/or blankets, and falling asleep ... *sigh*