26 December 2007

the original

Retro and things of the past may be great...but one thing I don't really
want to return to: dialup. yikes.
remember the day when dialup was the internet connection? (my parents have dialup if you hadn't already guessed.)
I've been enjoying this lil coffee shop by my parents house here in Seattle. Loads of people to watch. And high speed. Did I mention I so appreciate high speed??

Here's a scenic tourist spot on the "see it in Seattle" guide,
the original starbucks coffee shop.
And so, like a happy tourist, I took photos, too.
Can you tell the difference between this original logo
and the current one used on all starbucks products?
And lastly, i have some of the cutest nephews in the world.
Caleb the "gangsta" on the left
and Nate, "risky business" look on the right!!

It was a happy, snowy Christmas here in Seattle! Fun.


Sabrina said...

You mean they don't still have the topless mermaid on all their logos??? :) I hope you had a great time celebrating Christmas in Seattle! How fun!!! Your parent's are so cute! I bet they were so happy to see you!!

Dan said...

A year or two ago, in the interest of nostalgia, they put the old logo on some of their cups. I think some people protested or something. We always enjoy taking our out-of-town visitors over there; if only the Market weren't so dang crowded all the time.

Jewels said...

Gracie- What a fun vacation for you! The dial up thing is small price to pay...

Gracie said...

S-Not anymore...but did you know that was "the starbuck?" I had to brush up on my mythology (k, w/ a lil help from a Pike Place market merchant) to figure that out. And I agree, I have cute wee parents!

D-I know what you mean about the craze of the market. No matter the weather, it's a crowded place to be. But I love it!!!

J-It's true. But I'm still avoiding the du as much as possible by frequenting this really cute coffee shop. And then the price to pay is just, well, coffee! :-) Looks like u're having a great time too!