27 May 2008


People who know things will undoubtedly
know this picture location (what and where this was taken).
I'm not to be included in that set, however.
Imagine my delight, then, biking around on Memorial Day, when I discovered this lovely campus.

I'm particularly drawn to their doorways and windows. Something about the opening, the vision, the view, and the framing particularly captures my attention.

They appear to have intentionally tied new construction
to the styles and architecture matching older buildings.
It truly is lovely.
It's not enough to enlist me as a fan
for their football team or anything.
But I'm definitely a fan of the
beauty of their buildings and structures!

If we can so quickly recognize features such as the golden dome at Notre Dame,
it makes me wonder what is easily recognizable in us as people?
What do people see or notice from afar?
What qualities are associated with our personality or character?
Hmmm. Much to consider.
It's perhaps easier to simply appreciate the architecture.

21 May 2008

breaking the rules

I wonder if I committed a social sin today.
See, I had a meeting to go to, and I didn't know what to wear. So I decided to wear the same thing to work that I wore the day before.
It wasn't dirty, soiled, or stinky. And I liked it. So I put it back on.

I'm wondering how this started.
By this I mean, why and how did we decide that clothes should be changed every day? What is that about? If we're honest, we likely all have way more clothes than we could ever need. And caring for all those clothes certainly takes a ton of time, resources, and energy. We must feel the "need" for new clothes because we pursue and purchase them. But seriously, what drives this?

A few years ago I had the privilege of traveling to the Far East to teach on small groups and prayer. The precious people I met with risked their lives to be together and to pursue God and grow the church. And they wore the same clothes almost every day of the seven days I was with them. It was not insulting or offensive. I became very fond of the people AND their clothes. :-)

I remember being uncomfortable (embarrassed?) as a young girl if my Mom wore the same clothes more than once in a week. But really, it's ridiculous. Why not? Why the excess? Could we not break down some "unspoken" social rule and give freedom in this area? I know, there are way more important things in life. Thousands of people have died recently and may even be trapped alive related to the events in china and myanmar. I know. This subject simply pales in comparison.

But, I've been thinking about it
and wondering
and perhaps, breaking the rules.

13 May 2008


"Ladies," he directed, "take a look at the clouds."

And this is what we saw.

AND my photo can't capture it.

The artist swept his rainbow brush
to offer another masterpiece.

Fabulous work, Father!

So i sent a photo to a local tv station and they responded back with this. Check it out.

11 May 2008


It's happened.
Upon my return from NYC things at my house have changed.
My housemate decided it was time to have internet access--and so the choices to facilitate that are either phone lines, or cable.
she chose cable and asked if I minded a hole in the wall of my house.
(I didn't mind!)
So now we have wireless.
And we have cable.

I've decided that having cable simply means it takes longer to realize that there is nothing worth watching on television.

But the internet access is great--as I type this from my own very bedroom.
Thanks roomie!

And, yet another birthday to mention and celebrate. My friend Robin's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday dear lady.

07 May 2008

almost famous two

Another really amazing thing happened on my way to NYC over the weekend. I was sitting next to a pastor originally from NYC and we were discussing spiritual formation and passionate spirituality within his denomination. I could talk about that all day, except, I also wanted to talk about the subway. I love riding public transportation. Subways, trains, well, they're a good place for me to observe and interact with people.
I was asking this lovely gentleman about riding the subway late at night and he said, "of course, it's one of the safest cities in the world." Even though a nagging doubt lingered, I was excited.
Until I got to the airport and asked a gentlemen where to catch the subway.
He raised one eyebrow and asked, "you plan to ride it alone, tonight?" To which I confessed I didn't really want to shell out all kinds of cash for a cab. He told me about shared rides and their price. I was easily convinced it was the best thing to do and waited for him to contact me.
Guess what? He put me together with the three "kids" pictured above. And they were from none other than Grand Rapids. Crazy small world! But the exciting thing? They were in NYC for the media pre-screening of the new Narnia movie. They have a website about Narnia that has caught on beyond their wildest expectations. Disney pays them and invites them to things like this (the prescreening). So their whole week was set up to meet and interview the stars of the movie, along with the early screening, etc. They were completely geeked and excited.
And so we prayed together about their opportunities to talk to people about Jesus and just the overall witness they could have while in NYC around the famous people. And did I mention, they were kids? What a ride.

Oh, and, speaking of rides, we were in a big-ol STRETCH limo. Like celebrities ourselves. No subway this time. But still a great great experience.
In other news, we also visited one of my favorite places: the Apple store. Literally hundreds of people flooded in and out of this store. The checkout line alone was at least a hundred people long. That is pure craziness. Mostly folks from Europe a salesperson explained. (I suppose that's good for our economy.)
And if you haven't already guessed,
that's Barkley with me.
For those bugging me for a picture. :-)

04 May 2008

almost famous

You know those conversations where people trade information back and forth about the people they've seen or met?
I don't have much to offer in these cases except for the time that I almost got close enough to Bono to ask if Beth could take a picture of him. But alas, even though we chased him at the Dublin airport, he vanished into an elevator before we got up the nerve to ask.
And then there was the time we went to Bono's house...well, sort of. We were walking in the general vicinity of his house outside of Dublin, b/c Beth had tracked it down. We were trying to be all nonchalant, walking toward where we thought it was. So, we casually asked another walker if we were headed toward a certain area. To which she said, "oh, are you looking for Bono's house? That's his wife just ahead of you I think."
Of course we scrambled after her, in a "oh, we don't mean to look like we're following or stalking you" kind of way.
But, that's not really my point.
Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Wicked! the musical. I must confess, friends of mine in Zeeland (Hi Johnsons! I so miss you) listened to the soundtrack all the time when last I saw them. And while the songs were catchy and memorable, I never really knew the story. (Perhaps I wasn't sure I should be interested in something with the title of Wicked? or something?) I am now a huge fan!! The untold story of Oz indeed. It is fantastic. I was completely captivated. I think my Mom would love it--her, and oodles of other people, but for whatever reason she came to mind.

Anyway, afterward, Barkley knew enough to go to the door where the cast exits. And we got autographs and photographs with nearly every principle (oh dear, should that be principal?) and some of the other cast members. And when I say we, I mean, he did. Because really, I don't care so much. And when he asked if I wanted my picture taken with the stars, I didn't. And truly I only possibly regret one choice. Because I immediately recognized the lady who played Madam Morrible. She was none other than Professor Sprout from Harry Potter. And she was fabulous there and fabulous here. Still, I didn't really care to have a picture with her. I suppose I don't know what I'd do with it, really. I'd much prefer sitting down with any one of them and asking about their experiences than grabbing a photo with them.

But for those who delight in these types of things please, continue delighting. Someone needs to take the picture afterall. I can be good for that!

In other news, I missed two other birthdays. May 1 Karen!!!
and May 2, Karla!!! Happy birthday to you both, friends!!
(I'll upload a picture when I'm back on my own computer!)