13 December 2007


In my "typical" myers-briggs labeled "P" personality, my tree did not get trimmed all at once.
I started the Tuesday after Thanksgiving by setting it up,
and plugging in the lights.
That's when the discovery of 1/2 strands of lights working was noted.
I replaced a bulb, only to realize it made that strand blink.
Mind you, this was one string of 100 lights within about 450 lights total.
Melissa, my house mate affirmed, we really weren't appreciating the partial blink action.
So the tree sat.
Partially exposed.
Somewhat neglected.
Until last week.
I finally changed out the lights (which, oddly, after plugging into a different outlet, worked perfectly and are now happily back on the tree in their original position).
And then completed the essential detail trimming.
Happy Christmas time!
We wait in expectation, Jesus, Savior of the world!

1 comment:

Jewels said...

I must be a serious J when it comes to trimming trees.