22 December 2007

Operation "Seattle Surprise!"

As a young girl I loved mysteries. My sister Carmen and I and a neighbor friend often "played" Nancy Drew. We read all the books, and the Hardy boys book, too.
I loved Charlie's Angels.
I've confessed my Alias "obsession" here many times.

Perhaps that's why I love surprising my parents. As some of you well know, I "landed" here in Seattle yesterday to surprise my parents. It's been ten years since I spent the Christmas holiday season with my parents in Seattle. So in some ways, it may not have seemed too challenging to surprise them. The truth is, over the years we all have surprised my parents many times. (You'd think they would catch on by now...or stop trusting us. Or something!)

But it DID involve some deception, and because of a phone call from my Mom yesterday, after I had arrived here in Seattle, but had not made it to their house for the official reveal, it included out right lying!!
Here's my Mom explaining her "understanding" of some of my lies...(really, she's nice enuf to think that I tell her the truth most of the time.)

But it was worth it! (Not trying to justify lying, but you know what I mean!)
The mission was a great success!!!

I believe the first words from my Dad were "Ooooh, no!" I think that's something akin to, "welcome home!
We're so glad to see you."
or something like that! He says it was his way of reflecting that he couldn't believe that I'd surprised them again. :-)

Oh the life of a wanna-be spy...


Robin said...

What fun!

hildred said...

and look how cute our parents are!!! how delightful. enjoy the remainder of your time with them and give them my love too!

cindy said...

mission success! well done viper!

SeaSaw Mom said...

Surprises are the best!!
Once we drove to NY to surpise my Mom and Fred. We were on the road there, in mid-Ohio, and Mom called. Sean wanted to talk to her. I whispered "don't tell her we're on our way to see her" and he said, "Hi Grandma. We're just on our way home from the store." Your story just reminded me of that hilarious moment. I think parents forgive those kinds of lies. Hope God does, too! :-)