31 December 2007

Pressing on

I was reading a friend's warning on her blog that today's post would be reflective. It's the final day of another year. Such passages require reflection. Consider that fair warning for my (non-comprehensive) review of two thousand seven. Yikes--Can it really be? Were we not just watching Buck Rogers? (Does anyone even remember Buck Rogers?)

Despite appearing otherwise, unemployment provides benefits.
I began 2007 unemployed, unsettled, and unsure. Such words typically inspire action or reaction. In the craziness of unemployment, God provided rest. Individual rest with the Lord and rest with dear friends provided a portrait of life early on in 2007. Life doesn't often afford or honor rest as production and to do lists mark much of our lives. Something in the unknown, even in the mysterious waiting, and through intentional listening compels us to open our hearts to something new. Perhaps as we dig through our fears and voice our insecurity only then do we see and fall into the saving grip of God's greater plan. It does feel a bit like stepping off a cliff without knowledge of rope, or ledge, or parachute. Strange exhilaration that. A wise man named Isaiah once declared "don't dwell on the former things. Look and see that the Lord is doing a new thing." I hope that 2008 also provides moments of resting with and in the Lord in hopes of participating in His new thing.

Despite the test of death, God prevails in life.
Both with my nephew, days before his wedding, and with my Father's health this fall, our family watched, waited and interceded for God to bring health and wholeness. When my nephew's truck rolled and crashed, and he walked away with minor injuries, we marveled at God's grace and mercy. When my Dad's exchange with cancer found God (and my Dad) victorious, we remain humbled by God's saving grace. This may not always be God's way. And it's not always God's best, perhaps, but we're grateful for these rescues and for the abundant life on offer as a result.

Despite potential good, a job does not define me.
If I've heard God correctly in this year, He continues to remind me that my identity rests NOT in my occupation, job title, or other accomplishments. At the end of the day, these things shape me, but my identity remains held in God. He defined me long ago as His child, His masterpiece, and even His delight. And He gave me a job description, regardless of my employment. "Love me," he says, and "love others!" I have a long way to go before this is perfectly accomplished. But I want to keep living in to it. I hope God grows in me a greater capacity to love for 2008. And I've no doubt that God will keep reminding me who I am.

Right very now
Friends kid (mock?) me about the use of this phrase. It works, however. Perhaps a financial analyst, or other forecasters might argue for more future vision, but one of the things I'm grateful for in the past year is the availability for the present. As my friend Jordan likes to say, "fear of tomorrow robs me of today," and "too much looking back may mean I miss today's sunrise." God extends precious experiences in the right very now. I hope 2008 continues to provide plenty of moments to lean into and the adventure of experiencing life to the full.
May the words of my mouth, the meditations of my heart, and the interactions of my days be pleasing in your sight oh God, my Rock and Redeemer.


Sabrina said...

Happy New Year Diana! I hope that this year finds you blessed and continually thriving in God's Grace! Thanks for sharing your words! They are a beacon.

cindy said...

great reflection on your journey this past year. God has been faithful and has given you such an extraordinary gift in the simple pleasure of rest. love you my friend!

oh...and i do remember buck rogers!

Gracie said...

Thanks Sabrina--u inspired my post!!

and phew! Thanks, Cindy, I'm glad someone remembered... :-)