06 December 2007

for consideration

I'm reading this inspiring book as part of my current class. It's so inspiring, honestly, that sometimes I want to fling it in a bin, or in some dark place, because the challenge to live it is so fiercely contrary to what the world communicates
and even what my heart desires.
Instead, I pick it back up, and today I'm inviting you into some of the journey, should you care to think on such things with me!

"You must believe me when I tell you...
what blessings are to be found in learning
to be detached from all your material possessions...
It is so good to practice spiritual poverty.
I have learned to see, with the eyes of my heart,
that no possession can give the eternal joy my soul hungers for.

The practice of spiritual poverty
leads you into a wonderful kingdom.
Here, paradoxically, you find yourself free
to enjoy all the good things of the world.

For the man or woman who has no cares about worldly goods is,
in spirit, lord over them,
for possessions do not rule and direct their lives.

If you embrace this virtue--
desiring to be poor in heart
because you want to learn to love
and rely on God and Him alone--
then you are free indeed.
For your soul will not be bound to any person,
and you will not live to please anyone, except God."

-Theresa of Avila, in The Way of Perfection

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Sabrina said...

That Theresa, she was a pious one. :) I've actually found how dearly i love these writings of saints of long ago, like, St. Francis, St. Augustine, and brother Lawrence. But I’ve also found how terribly i fail to live up to these higher aspirations of living. But thank God for Grace... hey just like your blog! :) Diana has tapped into something here people! :)