29 May 2007


i'm back, mostly!!
here's just a few things from the last two weeks:

-my dad's first smore ever (HOW is that possible?)

-putting up a bathroom cupboard/cabinet that I've had
in a closet for 5 years

(go go gadget Mom and Dad!!)

-hanging out with kids

-gorgeous flowers from dinner one night

-in the midst of my parents being here,
my college friend's donna and ethan

and their three kids
camped in on memorial day, too! full house!!

-all good things must come to an end.

18 May 2007


My Mom and Dad are here! Hooray!!!
Unfortunately, I've been doing homework all day, neglecting them.
so, I'm off.

And will likely be pretty quiet on the blogworld for several days...

but i'll be back sometime.
So stay tuned.

Enjoy the blessing of spring!!

15 May 2007

soccer, trampolines, and summer like fun

Words escape me. (I know that's a shock.) Not to talk about the weather, but, it's been fabulous.
Flowers like these luscious lilacs are some of my favorites.

These sweet bleeding hearts (I think) are already proudly displaying their dainty beauty.

Even these blue flowers (not sure their name although they resemble the virginia bluebell wildflower) catch the best of the day's light.

But mostly, I can't describe things adequately.

Or really even capture them with my camera.

I visited my dear friend Teresa this weekend.

We were roommates in college, and after college.

Her life regularly includes soccer saturdays, trampoline safety, etc.

It's a busy and active life with four kids. Still, i love the opportunity to participate in their activity.

One of the great things about Teresa's life is that most of her family lives very near her.

So both sets of grandparents, and most of her siblings and their kids can interact with much regularity.

Like at work, and at soccer saturdays, and at school.

For some, that may be too much family. And I don't know where I'd land. I sometimes envy it, and other times appreciate the way family ties grow and mature despite distance.

But it does provide a fantastic base of support and care. One of Teresa's sisters is her best friend.
And their kids, cousins, are growing up to be friends, too.

Although busy, there's a sweetness and simplicity to this life that I love to engage in every once in a while!

11 May 2007


People leave imprints in our lives. My life is richer and fuller because of some of the folks I've been able to journey alongside.

This week provided a chance for another imprint, a tatoo! In case my Mom and Dad read this before they get to my house next week, rest assured, it's not a permanent tatoo.
But it was the symbol marking the birthday celebration of my friend Robin.

Sadly, my tatoo has already faded and washed away.
But the memory remains imprinted, with many more celebrations to come, I hope!

Happy Birthday Robin!!! I hope your day yesterday and the year ahead of you are giving you much joy as a daughter of the King!

09 May 2007


It's not a good thing to compare people. But I had my job evaluation today.

My new "boss" is good.
I experienced such freedom in the interview process when he said,
"Diana, this may not be the job for you. And that's okay.
If you decide not to take this position, we will not think less of you.
We'll recommend you for other positions within our organization.
You need to do what you feel God tells you to do."

Seriously, that completely released me from fears or concerns relative to my possible relationship with this organization I now work for. I felt free.

And likewise, in my evaluation today, he was kind and informative and helpful.

But, I missed my old boss.
It's not fair to compare. I know.

Isn't it so fabulous to be able to give testimony to great "supervisors?" Many are the stories of folks who have complained about their bosses and longed for someone else to give leadership to them.

I've been blessed.

Thank you Lord.

Picture above: a pretty funky wild flower, I think, or something, called a ginger root.

07 May 2007


Perhaps it's the experience as a child that makes a pastor seem larger than life. Maybe it relates to reverence and awe associated with the position. Or, honestly, perhaps it's the idea that anyone who can offer a "long prayer" must be a holy person? No matter how much I try to shake it off, I confess, my experience and perspective wants to place pastors (people in general sometimes?) in a certain box.

Our friend Keith is about as approachable a person as you could ever meet. He's quick to laugh, and quick to offer you a cup of coffee.
He loves to provoke an argument but is not lacking in sensitivity to the unspoken cues of the quietest person in the room.
He loves learning and graciously inquires about things I may be reading in my spiritual formation classes. He's concerned about the motivation of the heart more so than the simply the tradition of the past. His passion for certain subjects causes those recognizable signs of increased volume and emphasis of speech. It's often those moments of intensity and the things that he is most passionate about that one is drawn to. In all of that, something about him is "easy" to be around.

Yesterday "his" church was packed to capacity for people to participate and experience his installation. It was completely captivating. And although I observed my same friend, the atmosphere was different.
I don't really know how to describe it, except to use another friend's terminology. This position allows Keith the freedom to flourish in his identity as a child of God.

It extends his role as husband and Father. The challenges will likely impact every part of his life and perhaps even rock his identity at moments. It won't be an easy journey. But it's one that I'm eager to experience, observe and support. I so sensed God's hand and pleasure in this passage.

And still life marches along. One can't really remain in the moment, even if we want to relish it.
Last week we observed the trillium at their peak.
Today, they fade. But their fading provokes more color, it seems. It's marvelous.

I really can't tell God enough,
"you do such a great job, Father!!
Thanks for the brilliant display of beauty!"

04 May 2007


It was the wee raccoon in the mouth of the larger raccoon that startled us.
And then, the adept climbing of the mother that left us so in awe. Yesterday, in the same very trees, Jordan and I were delighted by the wood ducks living into their name. But today, it was the raccoon as she carried and then pushed her little baby into the hole...straining and striving to get the baby safely tucked away. What an amazing world. (I'm sorry my picture cannot do the story justice!)
And remember my comment about the "misnamed" red buds? I expected to retract my statement, because of discovering the literal red buds...that is, until, upon much closer scrutiny, Jordan realized it was a vine!!! taking over the redbud tree. Deceived, we were.
And that provoked our longstanding conversation about the vines we observe, completely ingrained in trees, sucking the very life out of them it seems. And the verse we recall: the sin that so easily entangles us...
so we said death!! to the entangled vine. And tried to free a few bushes and trees in the meantime. As if that will do any good at all...

Meanwhile, we received the assault of beauty. In fact, we reveled in it. Sunlight capturing every blade and petal.

The trillium...

The bluebell...
The jack in the pulpit...

The springbeauty not quite open to the day...
Yesterday's walk found us in awe over our first oriole sighting of the season. What an amazing spectacle.
What a glorious world

Thank you oh great Creator!!

02 May 2007

oriented + b-day bonanza day 4

I am oriented.
Who gets to say that, really? I do, actually, because I attended orientation for my job today. I learned things that will really assist me.
I wonder, though, if one doesn't realize they're disoriented until they receive an orientation like this one?
Or perhaps the question is, what am I now oriented to?? Does that require disorientation from something else?

Anyway, it was a good day and I was eager to clock the 110 miles back home. That is, until I reached this side of Lansing.
You know those moments when you're driving down the highway and you see this shell or mold of a tire along the side of the road and realize a big-ol truck left the majority of the rubber of the tire there for all to see?
Well, imagine this, to a much smaller degree, on the side of the road beside my lil car. I completely blew out the tire. No small leak slowly getting flat kind of work. It was an all out destruction.
That said, I was both amazed and dismayed at the status of my tire--and hoping I didn't wreck my wheel as I pulled oh-not-so-gently to the side of the road.
I wondered if I had a jack anywhere.
I wondered if I had a spare tire.
I remembered that not even two weeks ago my friend Sandie and I were discussing flat tires and whether or not we had changed them.
I remembered my Dad changing a flat once in my high school days.
I recalled pulling over on the way to my grandma's house, whilst in college, and the very next car pulling over beside me to help me change that tire.
And then tonight, Bonnie reminded me that my Escort had a slow leak leading to a flat tire. She graciously let me borrow HER car so I could go see my family.
That tire episode actually occurred in Beth's driveway and involved a crew of people, including our friend Richard, heading to Meijer, getting a tire tool, and well, 'twas a memorable night.

So, tonight, as I discovered the handy jack and donut spare, I was already planning my victorious accomplishment speech. I placed the jack in the space of my car that was reinforced to handle that apparatus. (The arrow designation really helped guide me to place it successfully.)
I began the process of raising the car.
And then, a car pulled over. A nice guy jumped out and together (okay, it was mostly him), we changed my tire.
It took like no more than ten minutes after he arrived.
And it was the nicest thing.
Is it ungrateful to confess I kinda wanted to do it myself??

In much more exciting news, it's another celebration day!!

Happy Birthday La!! The pictures were part of our party the other night. Her kids loved the cake. (As we all did. Thanks again, Beth.)

We know there's tons happening in your life, birthday girl.
Know that God wants the best for you and wants all of you for His glory, too.
May you be drawn into his presence constantly in this new year.

Happy, happy birthday!!

01 May 2007

morning delights--and b-day bonanza day 3

Jordan and I frequent a trail down the road. Except, lately, we've been walking early mornings in our neighborhoods. This week, however, the lure of the spring (wild) flowers at the trail has been too much. And so we are amazed at the spring beauties, and the trillium. The May apples will bloom soon (as they should, being May)! The red buds (technically pink and purple in my palette, but no one really asked me) are so ready to adorn their branches in elegance.
But my absolute favorite are the bluebells.
I love their fragile and delicate beauty.

Now, if I only could capture all the birds!!!

In other news, today is Karen's birthday. Beth's fabulous looking and tasting cake helped the pre-birthday celebration of last eve.

As did the swimming in my little condo pool...well, at least, for some of Karen's kids. And perhaps next swimming adventure, the goggles will get used in the water? But then again, why, is water even necessary
when they're soo cool to look through indoors??

Birthdays are a great way to sincerely celebrate people.
And so, Happy birthday Karen!!
May you feel the love for who you are and all God continues to shape you to be.