19 December 2007

taking Chicago by storm

Or would that more accurately be, being smacked by a storm in Chicago?
Thanks to the winter storm blast (don't you love how network news name things?)
which slammed Chicago all day Saturday,
what was scheduled as a day trip became the weekend.

During our leisurely drive to Cathy's favorite bakery, for instance, where we enjoyed rich cake for breakfast, to finding our host, Morgan, and heading on the eL downtown, the snow steadily blanketed the already frosted Chicago streets. We knew more snow was predicted and that the around-the-lake-return promised to be icy.
However, it wasn't until we reached Moody's church, receiving calls from family back in Michigan with updated weather reports, that we were forced to make a decision whether to stay or go. But the city is so glorious. and the company so delightful, we were lax to leave it. Since it was the weekend it didn't really matter. (Well, save for worshipping at "my" church, and planning to complete homework, and other such Sunday agenda items.)

So we took it all in...from the Hancock to the Daly (sp?) center, we saw and walked it all. I confess, i was really, really cold toward the end of the night and sheepishly sought shelter in a Walgreens while the rest enjoyed the elements. But it was all good. And we gratefully didn't have a white-knuckled drive home.

Instead, we wakened to sunny skies, glistening snow, and lots of Chicago activity. Part of our activity included meeting a new friend, Lizzy. Lizzy's expertise of skincare and other salon-related things prompted many intriguing conversations. If we lived closer, Lizzy, we'd definitely come to your salon again!


hildred said...

ok, sister, i'm a little irate with you ... in chicago and didn't even tell ME? we're gonna have some words, kiddo!! you know i'm just disappointed to have missed an opportunity to see you :-(

Gracie said...

Oh please don't be mad. I'm so sorry to disappoint. Regrettably, I just couldn't do it all. (And didn't anticipate we'd hang out as long as we did.) Please have mercy and go easy on me this time. :-)

hildred said...

alright, alright (begrudgingly) ... still love you anyway!

SeaSaw Mom said...

I know I keep putting stuff about my life in your comments, but I wish I had known you were in Chicago that weekend - so was I!! But we probably passed each other on the road because we traveled there on Sunday for my training at work. I'm glad you had fun there, though!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Grace this is Lizzy. I finally years later got around to checking out the pic.Thank you for the kind words. I hope you doing well.