10 December 2007

What not to do with a blankie

Here's a tip:
blankies and lightbulbs are not meant to come together.
Beth told the story here so I'll let you read the detail she provided. Just know it was traumatic. Poor buddy!

In other news the same night, while we were running around chasing Sep, Baz, and Zeke, prior to complete exhaustion (how do K & K do it? Oh yeah. They're parents, the kids don't care quite as much if they are chased by their Mom and Dad.), when I caught Sep, she studied me a bit and asked, "Diana, are you a kid?"

Well, yes, Seppy, I sometimes am!!


Karla said...

I'll have to take a pic of the repaired blankie and email you or post it to my blog. It is uuuuu-guh-ley! My mom used the only scrap of fabric she had. Mint green with brown teddies just doesn't do it for me, but Baz was all impressed at the "new look".

Gracie said...

Grandma saves the day, ugly or not! I still feel bad!

White Rabbit said...

Thanks for watching the kids. Baze loves the new look of his blanki. They had a blast with you guys!