29 November 2007


I should learn.
I should not watch television.
I've been through seasons without it before. It's always a good thing. Seriously. One never misses television. One's soul never misses it.

My current complaint is Christmas. Not what it is. Not what God intended it to be.
But what it's become.
And we've likely created if not contributed to the monster.
It so saddens me.

I can't remember the particulars of this commercial, but it said something like, "don't just give a gift this year, grant a wish..." And then assaulted the viewer with photos of the latest and greatest expensive electronic gadgets.

when does it end, really?
I am pretty disgusted that the day after Thanksgiving stores opened at 4 am.
4 am? Seriously is that what we're pursuing? Is that the abundant life that Jesus came to earth to offer us?

To be fair, I've previously sought some of those after Thanksgiving sales.
but I'm really weary of it all.
I don't want things to define me.
I don't want my Christmas celebrations to be defined by things.

so there. That's me. Longing for softly falling snow (or some snow), cozy moments and great conversations with family and friends, and an overall, underlying joy and hope that springs from God's great gift to us.
Oh, and I want everyone to long for a personal relationship with Jesus.

That would be granting a great wish.


Sabrina said...

Well said! I would much rather have good moments with friends then lots of gifts! Where is the mystery and magic of the simplicity of Christmas?? The monster commeth I'm afraid!

Hey! I love ABBA! Take a Chance on Me is one of my favorite songs!

Gracie said...

I KNEW I liked you Sabrina!! Hope the party is fabulous!

Dan said...

It was the holiday season three years ago that first got me thinking about getting rid of our television. I had turned on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, only to discover it was really one long infomercial for NBC television, featuring a lot of their stars and very little of the parade. The next day I turned the TV back on and found myself watching a Katie Couric exclusive, in the Shoe warehouse at Macy's. Trying on expensive shoes. Ooing and Aahing over expensive shoes. Acres and acres of shoes. And then the reminded us that Christmas was all about sales (and shoes, for the ladies!). I couldn't help comparing to the 200 shoe boxes full of toys and crayons and socks our church had just shipped off for kids in refugee camps in Africa. And for the first time I thought "television is evil."

Gracie said...

Dan, I appreciate your insight. i do think tv and the media has a strangle hold on us that we're not often cognizant of, or perhaps, not willing to look at. I wonder how we can best help one another live differently? If even we were more intentional about our media choices, it would make for better kingdom living. Your testimony is a strong starting point. Thanks!