05 December 2007

in the category of miraculous

This isn't as great as my Dad's cancer report. But it's really cool. As you may know, I'm the youngest of four girls. My parents like to say, "we specialized." (As in, they specialized in girls, which never fails to draw a smile or a grimace around the room.)

I don't remember asking for this as a Christmas gift. It's not really a missing part of my life. But the idea of a younger sibling is rather intriguing. Oh, to say someone else was spoiled rotten and hear their creative defenses...or to imagine hand me downs lasting for one more "season" on someone else. (Course, it'd have to be another girl.)

And lest you think I'm suggesting my parents in their 70's are expecting another child, that would be miraculous. But no. (Aren't we all exhaling sighs of relief!!)

Rather, today I became a big sister to a little girl at a school my church works with. Actually, I was matched to her and met her last week. And she's already captured my heart. She's eager to learn and creative and imaginative and delightful. But she hasn't quite mastered reading...so we have a fair amount to work on. But still, I have a little sister. And I'm so excited for the opportunity. And hopeful that I can make a difference.

Hmmm...wonder if my sisters EVER were that excited about me? As if it really matters... :-)

above photo: me and one of my older sisters :-) 0807


Jewels said...

Cool miracle, Diana! I'm glad you finally got a younger sister.

Cindy said...

every shade of fabulous, my friend! you will so be the favorite, cool sister. i am imagining a little life blessed by you and the light you can bring to her. praying for the journey.

is it though an agency that your church partnered with or something mcc has done on its own?

Karla said...

That is so cool that you are doing that, diana. I'm guessing the little girl is going to be all shades of blessed by you and your "big sister" abilities. What does that look like, exactly? How ARE you as a big sister....? A little like you were at His Mansion with me when I had no clue as to how to do anything in the office? Or a little like you were with your students? Or how you are with your friends when they are saying or thinking things you know are not of God? Or more like you are with my kids....all laughy and fun and playful, but still lovingly-stern when you need to be?
How often do you see her? What are you supposed to do with her, exactly? Tutor? Take her out for lunch? Hang out? All of the above?