10 December 2007

mandatory fun

I'm borrowing this title from friends of mine who use the phrase to reference playing hand and foot, the card game (not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease) as a family (thank you! Timmers). For my use, however, it refers to my work Christmas party this past Friday.

Because we have to work together, even though most of us work from a great distance (as we're in SAU "centers" throughout Michigan), it's delightful when the work and interactions can also be fun. Of course it's sometimes stressful, too, but the people really make the difference. (ugh. I just quoted channel 13. sorry.)
At said party we played the tried and true gift exchange game. Except, everyone wanted to explain the best way to play. Until LeAnne, my coworker finally declared,
"you can offer any rules you want.
But we're playing it my way!"
And so we did.
We could open a gift, and then steal, or actually, really trade.
And a gift could be "stolen/traded" without limit.
The gift of highest desire?
Homemade bread with dipping sauces.
I loved that it wasn't the target gift card.
Or the lovely smelling lotions.
Or the candles.
Or anything besides homemade bread! Sweet.

Here's a few more photos
with my friends Chrissandra and Kati...
with and without antlers,
silly as we are,
just because!


Sabrina said...

Random thought: I am sitting here at work, and all of sudden I thought of you and possibly an incident with letting pigs loose in the men's dorm at HM? Did that happen or did I make that up? Or was that someone else?

Gracie said...

Guilty...what made u think of that right very now? Random is right! Those poor lil pigs. And the poor guys dorm bathroom. And all the shame ...flooding back!

Jewels said...

Dina, Diana, Gracie, I love that it was the bread too. You guys are cool.

jodi said...

pigs? what pigs, you must tell me of the pigs