19 December 2007

owl post

From the land of JK Rowling and Harry Potter a wee parcel arrived recently.
I knew it was coming.
Our British friends gave us the alert.

But that was weeks ago, already, when they acquired our addresses. So I plum forgot (strange phrase, that). Suddenly then, there it was.

Only, since three of us received parcels, we needed a group opening ceremony to mark the moment.
So we did.
Beth wrote about it here so I won't offer too much more. Except a few pix.

Belts, "biscuits," and a bag I left in the UK in February!! colored these great packages (seriously, where did u find my bag?). We only wish our friends could have accompanied the parcels!
Thanks pals! We think u're the best (even if you didn't send chocolate, we'd think that)!

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