02 August 2007


Happy Birthday Jen!! It's time to celebrate your big day.
Jenni is, among other things, the planner in the family, at least, as far as us girls go. Her curiosity and interest in life, wildlife, and really all of God's creation is second to none. One of my favorite memories in Hawaii was Jenni's exuberant expression of delight and awe as we were snorkeling. "Amazing!!" she kept saying. And it was a most appropriate word!

Jenni is one of those people who is good at everything. Her intelligence and curiosity make a great combination to getting jobs done.

I love watching Jenni serve people. Her heart overflows with faithfulness, commitment, and loyalty. And she's always got something goin' on. Her musical skills proceed her and are put to good use in the churches in Seattle.

And I just heard from her that she'll be taking birthday cake to Mom and Dad's tonight. Woohoo!!! I'm on my way. Save a piece for me!
Happy Birthday sis!

Pix locations from June in Hawaii. I should probably explain that in the first photo she is eating an appetizer--a fresh pea pod coated with a bit of butter. Delish!

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Jewels said...

Have a great time in Seattle, Gracie.