31 July 2007

Dr K

My sister was born today
...that is, a few years ago on this very date!
It's fun because for a few days, she and our oldest sister are the same age.
(Jenni's birthday is Thursday.)
But enough about Jenni!

Today is Hildred's day!
I'm excited to celebrate her.
She's abd in her doctoral program (or would that be doctorate? Clearly I don't have one)! Hence the Dr K. title. She's pursued the vision and dream that she has had for years to be a counselor. I'm very proud of her! But I'm proud of many other things, too. Such as her passion for high school students--she has nurtured and mentored and encouraged tons of kids through the years and she continues to do so. Just over the weekend I met a girl who was part of the youth group Hildred led in Illinois. It was fun. (Of course, no one forgets a name like Hildred, so that helps, too!) And she loves creating space for conversations. And anything creative, really. My house is decorated with many of her beautiful things. And she loves Jesus. It marks who she is and who she's becoming. I can't do justice to everything, of course. So this is just a sampling.

I'm truly happy to mark this day!

Happy Birthday HGK!
(That's dgk and hgk in Hawaii, 0607.)


Jewels said...

Wow you look so tan in your pic! Happy BDay to Hildred.

Jodi said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Hildred!! You are right, there is way to many great things to say about her to fit in one little blog

Gracie said...

Aw, thanks, Julia! (Must've been the light)

JODI!!! sorry i keep missing your calls. We'll catch up soon.