09 August 2007


I was born into a family of "doers." It's likely beyond family, really, and is more like a heritage. My Mom would tell you that my Dad helps her seek a reprieve by saying, "why don't you sit here beside me and rest a wee while." (Right, okay, I added the "wee.")

Projects are part of the legacy.
My grandpa (my Mom's dad) is known to have said that he and my grandma would stay in Seattle (at my parent's house) as long as there was a project to accomplish. Once that was done, they journeyed back to South Dakota. We were frantic for projects--not that we had to look too far.

Grandpa helped construct most of the basement living area--from the bathroom, complete with the cement block shower he produced, to the bedrooms my sisters and I inhabited, to the dropped ceiling and dividing wall in the "rec" room. And then there were the outdoor projects, fences, especially are what I recall.

It should not be a surprise then, that sometimes I come back from times with my family semi-exhausted :-). But as we work together, we also have a great time. This week, along with helping with the wedding, etc, we worked on peaches (in case the photos were not clue enough). We canned quarts and quarts and made delicious peach jam. These are processes I would never endeavor on my own. But with a few others in the kitchen, it goes pretty well.
We even had time to entertain one of my Mom's dearest friends.
Admittedly, she didn't stay long in our chaos, er production,
but I know she enjoyed her stop in the midst of our mess!


Jewels said...

I feel that lady's pain in the bottom pic.

Jewels said...

And those canned peaches make me tired.