28 August 2007


In the former days of my blog's short life, it used to be that all the pictures I'd post would be from other people.
And truthfully, I have nearly 7000 digital pictures from the last few years, largely taken by others.

This year, since I purchased my own lil digital camera, I've relied less on others. But I can't do so in this case. My sister's photos of my (our) lil nieces are too precious. I need to brag. About my sister the photographer. And about my lovely nieces.
See what you think!
Actually, my completely biased, non-subjective opinion is likely extremely obvious. So, if you don't agree, I suppose you can voice your opinions, but it just might not matter!


Jewels said...

Nice pix!!!

cindy said...

what?!?! kate and georgia are growing up!?!?! i think that's enough of that... :o)

Gracie said...

yes, friend, isn't that the truth. Nine and six they'll be at the end of September. Waah!! Not that Davey is too far behind...what with the beard and all! :-)

Thanks, Julia. I obviously think so too!

jordan said...

Your nieces are precious, and the sisters who birth them, photograph them and love them are wonderful too. :-)