07 August 2007

'twas the night before the wedding

and all through the house,
all the creatures were stirring,
even, the lous i est
string player...

Because you see, my sisters three, and i,
were to play our instruments for my nephew's wedding, and we hadn't practiced.
Truthfully, we didn't even know what music we were playing.

That type of pressure is the best kind (to my esfp myers briggs temperament of course). Another truth is that Carmen is such a good player, we all know she carries the melody and the rest of us can "slide" a wee bit.
Another truth is that Jenni is super organized and has oodles and oodles of wedding music.
And there's the whole sister thing. We've been a string quartet forever...and so we play intuitively and somewhat naturally...

Lest this sounds like bragging, I must quickly confess, we blew it, somewhat. And so it was, in the middle of one of the arguably easiest pieces we played, I noticed Jenni wasn't on the right measure.
And since I'm a helpful girl (okay, also b/c I was playing an easy, repetitive pizzicato), I whispered to her that we were nearly at measure 15. (Specific measure details don't really matter at this point, do they? I mean, details are not always my strong suit.) So when Hildred heard me and looked at me like I was growing a second, possibly third head, I should've clued in that perhaps I was not on the correct measure either...and so when I did look back at my (did I mention "easy, repetitive pizzicato?")own music and could not find my place, well, I'm not sure what my options were.

But learning to fake it...and staying in the right key signature are tricks (skills?) of the trade after all.
Who really knew--aside from the piercing glare of my sisters of course?? :-)
This picture is well after the fact, days later, when my mistakes (I hope) were long forgotten. Happier days!

Hildred shot the cool instrument photos! I love that she is such a great photographer!!


Lana Baker said...

Gracie-I love your blog! Such a great writer you are! I especially love to see you with all your sisters. You all favor one another in your looks and aparently share a lot of other things as well, such as the love of music. Really cool!
Here's to the sisterhood-YaYa, Traveling Pants or otherwise...

Gracie said...

Awww. thanks so much. Did u see I finally added ur link??