30 August 2007

dare I say it?

i don't really believe the comments that I am a camping weather jinx. I do not have that kind of power. But even so, nearly every time I've gone camping, it has rained. It's so great to have raindrops dance upon the tent as one sleeps through the night. It's somewhat mesmerizing and lulling. But that is not the type of rain we've experienced. Oh no. Torrential downpour hardly seems like an exaggeration for last year's initial camping run. And this year, I'm being kind when I summarize it as a steady downpour. I mean really, we barely had a break to tear down the tents, and don't even think they were dry.

Yet, we risk it all to do it again. And the glorious news is that the weather predictions are for an outstanding weekend. No rain even staining the edges of the days we're gone. Hooray. (I'm completely ignoring the shadow of a cloud that wants to spur doubt. Well, nearly completely ignoring.)

Off to the woods again. Yippee! Happy Labor Day weekend all!


Willis said...

G'day Diana!
I hope you have wonderfully bright and sunny weather all weekend long.
But just to keep things in perspective, ask Jim O about his daughter's camping holiday ... The first weekend they were out, a knock on the pop up in the middle of the night told them they had to evacuate immediately due to rising flood waters. They did, only to find it was already too high. A second attempt in another direction proved successful. When they returned to the camper, it had been washed away, crumpled and demolished.
They continued their holiday anyway ... As Jim put it: This family has pluck.

jordan said...

Dare I say it? Diana: you, too, have pluck!

karen said...

Juanito and i are not going this time. So the weather should be fine.

Dan said...

It rained on us when we camped at Mt. Rainier a couple weeks ago, too. So we went over to Wenatchee where it was 90 and sunny. But yesterday we got back from Labor Day Family Camp outside of Yelm, and it was sunny all weekend. So I guess sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Then again, if both sun and rain are from the Lord, I should say sometimes you win dryly, and sometimes you win wetly.

Gracie said...

Bill, thanks for the reminder--not that it's about comparisons but often someone else has it worse!
Thanks J!
Karen, we did miss u guys. It was glorious.
Dan, true...I like winning dryly while I'm camping I confess, at least, for the majority of the experience.