05 September 2007

not a drop

I'm in love.
I'm in love with our creator God and the splendor of spending time drinking in the refreshing beauty of His creation, away from every other distraction.
What a gift!

This was quite possibly the most excellent weekend for camping ever. in the history of the world. throughout all eternity.

And we got to experience it.
We kept waking up day after day to gorgeous sunshine.
We packed tents that we could actually brush off and roll up.
The nights were cool enough
to make fireside conversations cozy
and marshmallows crusty.

Beach play demanded refreshing dips in the lake.

I do wonder, in the scheme of things, would I have enjoyed it as much if two weeks ago we had not "suffered" from relentless rain?

but trust me, I'm still singing Hallelujahs of gratitude!!


Anonymous said...

how come your friend, karla, looks like she is drunk? :)

Jewels said...

Yay Gracie - you had a good one!!

Gracie said...

Um, drunk? no, she's not. just happy to be out of the house with her friends!!