24 August 2008


it's back to school.
back to reading.
back to writing.
back to solitude.
back to practicing disciplines.

back to...well, being a recluse?
could that even possibly describe me?

right. probably not.
first book up?
Henri Nouwen In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership.

It's good. Let the discussions and papers begin.

It's been nice knowing you. :-)

AND Happy Birthday friend Sandie. I celebrate you dear one!!


Hildred Klungel said...

One can never have too much Henri Nouwen in their life ...

Jewels said...

no, no don't go,,, :)

Lana Baker said...

Right there with you, babe! Thursday night...Just back from vaca. I put up my pix on the B-Log. Yeah, I doubt that I'll be posting daily in the days to come!!Hey, how about playing my tag game?? List 6 of your quirks and then tag 6 others to play.I got nailed so why not U??

Cindy said...

i expect the blog traffic to pick up. i can always tell when you have a paper due...you blog! :o) love you, friend! have a good semester.

Gracie said...

H- Amen to that!
J- tee hee. As if...
L-I won't be here this week but I'll see u next. And, i'll see about the tag game. Thanks for the invite. AND, i'll check out ur photos. fun.

C-yep, well, you know me, dontcha? :-)