12 August 2008

The one where Zeke kidnaps my camera

I'm borrowing a clever and catchy phrase from my friend Sabrina who I adore (even if I don't really like Friends so very much).
It seemed most appropriate
as Zeke snagged my camera
and created this photo essay of the day.
I confess,
I didn't keep all his 49 photos!!

I like some of his angles, and his subjects.
My particular favorite may be
the one he captured of the front of his spiked hair.
Now the 14 pictures of the grass, well,
it just didn't seem necessary to keep those!!

But obviously I kept several photos. Good job, Zeke.
You may be a blossoming photographer yet. Who knows.

Digital cameras certainly allow for all the inexpensive exploring
and investigating one can imagine.
This final photo by the way,
is not Zeke.
But it is his brother, Basil, who did not want to be outdone
when he saw that Zeke had a camera.
Thus, he became both artist and subject.

Which could probably lead to a post titled,
"The one where Basil grabs the camera."
But, he didn't snag my camera so it won't be posted here!


Sabrina said...

That friends show will get you everytime! :)
Cute pictures! Cute Kids! :)

Jewels said...

This is the One Where I Don't Know What to Say.

Gracie said...

I agree Sabrina!
well, everyone needs a speechless moment I suppose. u're cute! :-)