08 August 2008


As you probably well know, the Olympics started today.
I'm excited.

I had the privilege of being in Beijing two years ago, July, and they were already eagerly preparing for the Olympics. I can slightly envision what it must feel like to be there. I loved the opportunity to visit Beijing. I would put it in the "changed life" category. The people were spectacular. God captured my heart for China!

However, the air quality, the humidity, and the heat were such that the only time I really felt like I was breathing fresh air was when I was on the great wall. Ah. Delicious moments those were.

And you'll have to take my word for it, because, unfortunately, those picture, well, they were on my hard drive that crashed. Thankfully, among the few pictures that I really really really miss. I do have the memories.

Did you notice it's 080808. They say that eight is a very lucky number for the Chinese. Although I believe in God's power over luck, it's still a fun date.

I'm happy to cheer on the games.


Hildred Klungel said...

i read somewhere - in light of 080808 - that many chinese were married on this date as the number 8 is a lucky one in their culture. hmmm ... i like it too!

Sabrina said...

I didn't know you went to Beijing! That is wonderful. I loved it there... and after 6 weeks i think i just got used to the air... no not really, (black boogers everyday!) there was always bad air.
But the people, food, landmarks... everything was amazing!
I love watching the Olympics now because i love spotting places i visited!

Gracie said...

H-I can believe it would be a popular wedding date.
S-you were there much longer than me but it didn't take long for the people (and the country) to capture my heart. I did get to see a lot in the city so I've been speaking a few of those, "hey, I've been there..." type of comments, too.