10 August 2008

46 years!!!

Happy Anniversary to my parents!!!
Mom and Dad, it is such a blessing to spotlight you and celebrate your wedding anniversary. Naturally I can't recall the details of the day
(right, i wasn't there)!
But I do witness the love, commitment, laughter
and friendship that develops through the years.

It is a gift from God, to each other, and to all of us! Considering last fall with Dad's health, and the way we saw God answer prayer, it is a gift for us all to receive.

Happy Anniversary dear ones!

May you have many,
many more to come.


Hildred Klungel said...

What a blessing, Mom and Dad!!!! You have graced my/our lives with so many good things - above all, a deep and abiding love for God and His Word. May His favor rest mightily upon you for the years to come.

Jewels said...

Yay for your mom & dad!

joyful said...

Speaking of many, many years to come - yesterday at dinner someone wished them 46 more years...leading to a discussion on who would be their caregivers by that time!!! Seriously, Mom and Dad are truly a gift from God to us and an example of integrity and devotion to our faith!