02 August 2008

Sister #1

It's Jenni's turn.
One fun thing about Jenni is that she gets to be the same age as her younger sister for a couple days.
Not many kids can say that.
Not many adults can figure out what I mean.
But here she is, now, on her very birthday, having her age all to herself again, so to speak.

And I celebrate her, too. I'll tell you just one thing about Jenni, or, maybe two. She is an incredible lady. God has fashioned her in such a way that she absorbs information and knowledge. Seriously. she knows a ton, about numerous things. And as such, she is also very interested in learning more and asking questions. That also translates into learning about things when we travel. She is the one who investigates activities and suggests things for us to do.
This means she is also a really good teacher. And so I have learned,
a ton, from my oldest sister.
And I love that.
And I love her!!

Happy happy Birthday dear Jenni.
I celebrate you and the gift of your very life today!!

Picture credit: other sister Carmen, Galena, 0608.

1 comment:

Hildred Klungel said...

Jenni ... I celebrate you as well! I couldn't have asked for a better "older" sister :-P I love your character, your integrity, your gentleness and thoughtfulness. You are beloved!!!