19 August 2008


It is about perception and imagination. This particular man could envision options and shapes much beyond what I could concur up.
He had vision.
He had talent.
AND he had tools.
So, needless to say, when we first approached him
and watched his artistry,
and when we returned a few hours later,
he had sculpted,
to my untrained eyes, sheer art and masterpiece.
It was completely captivating to watch him,
as these photos reveal. It was a fabulous labor of love and grace.

God breathes so much creativity into us.
I wonder if we realize how much he calls us to create,
to craft,
and to present as an art
or as a creation to him?


Jewels said...

I totally missed this - where was I?

Gracie said...

You were there, taking pictures of other beautiful things. :-) He was "south" of our group a little bit.