21 August 2008

August 21

I met Jordan on my first day at work. It was a whirlwind day as we were whisked away to Minneapolis to attend a conference.
Just beyond introductions and niceties, I found out we were rooming together.
And so the adventure began.

Today I pause to celebrate this friend.
It is the anniversary of her very birth.
And it is a day to acknowledge her wisdom, beauty, and grace.

Nearly daily we walk, laugh, listen, wait, wonder, pray and learn together. It is a privileged journey. I celebrate the gift of you Jordan.

Happy happy birthday!!


Jewels said...

Yay Jordan. We've heard about your walking on the blog but now we see you but which one?

jordan said...

Thank you, friend.
What a great six+ years! Knowing you has changed my life.

Jewels: I'm the one on the left with the grey hair .