13 August 2008


Someone once said that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

For people that I like and love,
absence truly makes me miss them more.
Returning to their presence, such as today's lunch,
well, as Denise said,
it cements to a greater degree how much we really miss each other.

Such was the case with lunch today.
Two former co-workers.
Too little time.

I miss them.
There's another saying that suggests that things get better with time. So here's a comparison for you.
This photo caught us during those last days of working together.

It was a privileged season to work with them. But I don't necessarily miss the working with them so much as I miss the regular honor of being with them.
Sigh again.


Cindy said...

i echo that emotion...

Lori said...

me too. I am blessed because of you all.

jordan said...

Yes, that is the word: BLESSED!
Love you guys.

Gracie said...

agreed. C & L we miss you, too!