24 April 2007


I walked on the beach with my friend Sandie over the weekend.
I walked in the water, not just skipping in and out of it shrieking at the cold.
It was the carefree, consistent, feet in the water, walking along the beach without inhibition type of strolling.

I love that.

I love the freedom of walking without shoes on.
I love the feel of the water and the sand.

I love that the combination of rising water and air temperature leads not only to walking barefooted, but allows us to notice things again.
Like the color green and the color blue.
And the wisps of clouds.
And the dispersing of birds.

And the bird songs.
And inhaling the freshness of flower petals and leaves
as they form and take shape once again.

And the interplay as the sunlight dances on the water.

Oh yes, Creator, your world displays your glory. We wait in hope.


jordan said...

And I love how you captured God's creation through photography and words! Enjoying how you share your heart with us.

White Rabbit said...

what a great song

Mitzi said...

You are a true poet. Thanks for reminding me to take time to see God in His natural surroundings in my part of the world.

Gracie said...

Thanks, Jordan. I tho't these pics might be better than the oatmeal grubs!

Mitzi! I love that you stop by here. Thanks for your comments.

K, I miss you guys!! C u tomorrow night?

Jewels said...

Gracie- I hear a longing underneath it all to go camping at Lake Michigan. Definitely better than the grub picture.

Gracie said...

J! That's right. L Mi recreation center here we come!!
The grubs are pretty easy to beat, photo wise.