31 July 2008


Today is a day of celebration.
You might argue that everyday is such, and probably should be.
But today is my sister's birthday. That alone dictates a celebration.

Our grandpa loved nicknames. We all have one. Mine happens to be Cleffy. But my sister, Hildred, who I celebrate today, well, Grandpa called her Hap. There is something in a name and I think Grandpa knew that Hildred would inspire and provoke happiness.

And she does.
And so it is more than fitting to break out into ridiculous smiles, belly laughter, and much mirth in celebration of my sister.

Happy Birthday Hildred. Happy Birthday Hap!
May your generous spirit dwell with you, too.


joyful said...

'Gracie's' words are very insightful! I don't know how often I participated, but I remember several occasions where heads rested on another's belly and the 'belly' laughs wouldn't stop. I believe most of those times were instigated by Hap. Hildred - may God give you many fun, mirthful moments. Happy birthday, my sister.

Cindy said...

my grandma's name was hap for the very same reason. how delightful have a nickname that evokes a smile without saying a word.

Karla said...

Kate looks alot like her auntie in that top pic! Cute girls, all three of them! :)