30 April 2007

birthday bonanza continues-day two!

Today, I celebrate Cindy on her very birthday.
She used to be my work friend. I loved seeing her every day.

Her humor and fantastic wit made every day pass quickly. I do think she's one of the funniest people in the world. (You know, of the vast population that I know personally.)
She is hilarious.
(For the record, in case the above was misleading, she's still my friend, we just don't get to work together any more.)
She stretches me and grows my faith, especially in the category of "things that freak me out."
And she challenges me.
And she makes me laugh (oh, did I mention that?)
She was part of "my" first Alias small group.
Those were the days.
Her husband is fun, too, and her son is adorable, albeit, a busy two year old, as well he should be.
But, it's not THEIR Day. It's hers!!!

Happy, happy, happy day wee pal! You are worth celebrating.

May the desires of God's heart become the reality in your life in this new year!!


cindy said...

Thanks so much, friend! I love you and treasure our friendship!!!

Gracie said...

right back at ya!!