30 April 2007


It's such a glorious time of year.
The recent rain (in these parts),
complimented by a few days of succulent sunshine,
makes for some fabulous flowers.

Other things tend to emerge this time of year. Like the desire to clean. (Well, I've heard that's what happens anyway.) You've heard the term spring cleaning, likely. Last weekend my computer received some spring cleaning.
As some of you may recall, my poor little Mac screen, nearly from it's arrival in my life, has contained the imprint of my keyboard. So, my Mac buddy, Peter, took it upon himself to clean my screen, and my keyboard, and the exterior. His concern for my Mac reminds me of people who really care (dare I say obsess) about their cars. But in this case, my computer screen is much easier to view. Thanks Peter!!


Jewels said...

Nice flowers. Clean kitchen. Is that an Easter lily in there?

Gracie said...

Good eye lady. But that's not my house so I can't take credit for the kitchen or the lily.