01 May 2007

morning delights--and b-day bonanza day 3

Jordan and I frequent a trail down the road. Except, lately, we've been walking early mornings in our neighborhoods. This week, however, the lure of the spring (wild) flowers at the trail has been too much. And so we are amazed at the spring beauties, and the trillium. The May apples will bloom soon (as they should, being May)! The red buds (technically pink and purple in my palette, but no one really asked me) are so ready to adorn their branches in elegance.
But my absolute favorite are the bluebells.
I love their fragile and delicate beauty.

Now, if I only could capture all the birds!!!

In other news, today is Karen's birthday. Beth's fabulous looking and tasting cake helped the pre-birthday celebration of last eve.

As did the swimming in my little condo pool...well, at least, for some of Karen's kids. And perhaps next swimming adventure, the goggles will get used in the water? But then again, why, is water even necessary
when they're soo cool to look through indoors??

Birthdays are a great way to sincerely celebrate people.
And so, Happy birthday Karen!!
May you feel the love for who you are and all God continues to shape you to be.


White Rabbit said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

Mitzi said...

Love the shots of the beautiful flowers in your part of the U.S. God's creation is beautiful.

cindy said...

I agree...Redbuds are in no way red.

Happy birthday, Karen!