28 April 2007


Today is Lori's birthday.
Yesterday a few of us met her for lunch.
We all love her and
enjoy spending time in her company. In fact, more people wanted to celebrate Lori, but their schedules proved prohibitive.
Lori is one of those people who doesn't call attention to herself.
She serves often behind the scenes, but always in significant ways.
She's also full of surprises.
Her wit and wisdom is beyond compare.
She offers care in timely and appropriate doses.

She's endured a lot.
And she loves well.

Happy Birthday beloved daughter of the King.
May you experience His love in deeper and more intimate ways this new year.


White Rabbit said...

Happy Birthday Lori!

Betty said...

I sooo envy your being together. What joy to celebrate the gift of Lori. She brings joy to so many. Who can help but love her?

DMC said...

I join Betty in saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lori. (Lori, I hope you read DGK's blog!) You ARE a treasure. I got to see the birthday gal and other treasures last Wednesday. What fun that was...and yes, bittersweet. Looks like you all had a great time at Uno's.

cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Lori. Wish I was there to celebrate you in person. You are such an amazing woman of God. I miss you!