11 April 2007

forced entry

She let it slip.
Yesterday, the fun lady who cleans our office building revealed that it was her birthday. AND she said her favorite thing was no-bake cookies.
I tho't, no problem, I'll whip up a batch in the morning and take them to work to celebrate her.
The plan was well underway with all the ingredients within my reach.

That is, except the oatmeal.
So I pulled it out of the cupboard, quite pleased with myself that I'd actually remembered to replace my previous container, as I had not used it for some time.

That's when I noticed them.
Even now shivers overtake me.
I've seen these little guys before.
But this, well, it was nothing short of an invasion.
and not an even slightly welcomed one.

Once beyond my initial disgust and repulsion, I was pleased that the oatmeal container remained tightly sealed. I gingerly removed but forcibly annihilated the creatures, and pealed back the seal.

You probably predicted that not only had they burrowed their way beneath the seal (or somehow forged their passage deep within the oatmeal) they had hatched.

Tiny moths escaped with lightning speed and obvious glee as they sought to overtake my kitchen. (Perhaps a bit dramatic, but only a wee bit.)


I did however get to the store to pick up new oatmeal.
A tiny container.
I'm forgoing the cost effective buy-a-larger-container-option at this juncture.

I hope Marie liked the cookies.


beth said...

sick! gross! eeeuuuwww! How traumatic!!!!!!

Gracie said...

seriously. u can't imagine. but my kitchen is so bleached and cleansed. my hands are raw!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, you can really put the "gus" in disgusting! Yicky is all I can say. Oh, and I think I'll pass on the no-bake cookies, too.

Gracie said...

Yes, D, even though I knew the oatmeal was "fresh," I wasn't too keen on eating them myself.

juanito said...


When i visited my parents last summer, i noticed black and white cards thumb-tacked to various surfaces with those little moths stuck to them in droves. My dad said those moths are very hard to get rid of, so you might want to look for some of those traps. They're white and black striped, and supposedly are laced with sexy (to a moth) pheromones.

Jewels said...

Remind me not to eat your no-bakes :)

Mitzi said...

Yuk!! Would you still have used the "fresh" oatmeal if there were no moths or worms inside??? Ugh!

I too will pass on the no-bake cookies. :)

Dan said...

Hey old friend! Dan W. here, from high school days. Karen sent me your link, so I came by to say hello, and see what you're up to. And after 20 years, the first I hear is a gross bug story. fun. . .

Anonymous said...

i feel for you. i really do. at least you didn't drink them...

Gracie said...

It figures this post would generate the most response!

Julia--I was considering bringing them for hospitality next month.

Juanito--do you really think there are MORE? I don't think I can take it. Thanks for the tip about the traps though.

Mitzi--probably I would not have used it...well, I don't know, maybe.

Dan!! It's great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping and for posting a comment! I'll check out our class site soon.

La--i did consider linking to your maggot post, but I figured one gross episode was enough for this read.

jeb said...

i hear that they like coca too. :)
i have had a ziplock bag of oatmeal for at least two years and no bugs in sight. i think you just have to move often enough to shake them off your tracks.

SeaSaw Mom said...

ohmigish! Reminds me of your hot cocoa story...and my work one! UGH!!!

SeaSaw Mom said...

Did I say "work"? I meant "worm" but perhaps I should revise even more to "cake"!

Gracie said...

yeah, Kty, I did think of our cake story, more than once.

Betty said...

OK, so here's one more comment: It's true those moths can be hard to get rid of. I had the same thing happen to me a few years back, and every night I came home from work, my ceiling was spotted with those nasty moths. Wish I could remember how I finally got rid of them. Some wiser soul than I had a remedy. But you probably already "gassed" them to death with all your bleaching!