15 April 2007


I've been in New Mexico and Arizona the last few days. Although I've been there before, I had no idea that this time we'd be so close to the four corners. State lines aren't literal lines in the ground, so the fact that these four corners are marked so distinctly is an interesting site.

As far as "attractions" go, in American standards, this one is rather understated. Perhaps because everything related to tourist attraction seems so "bigger, better, faster, more," I appreciated the approach. And it's also a lovely area. So it was an unexpected pleasure to drive from one prayer event, five-miles to the four corners, and then head on to the next prayer event.
And I confess, even though this made my life a bit crazy the last few days, the 60 degree weather and sunshine tended to make me forget everything else (like winter's "return" and the four inches of snow we received in GR the day before I left...).


Jewels said...

You simply must ask John aka "Clark Griswold" about our 4 Corners Experience. It was understated, yet unforgettable.

Gracie said...

I'm every shade of intrigued. And since I think I'll c him tonight, i'll definitely ask!