05 April 2007


I leave for Fargo today. There are many great reasons to visit Fargo, North Dakota. My family, for me, is the best one.

One of these days, maybe after I'm done with school, I'll watch the movie. And then all the jokes and/or comments people extend my direction will perhaps make sense.

More than just visiting family; however, I'm celebrating Easter with them. People often refer to this as Holy week. In trying to find a card for my parents for Easter I couldn't find anything "holy." Unless you place eggs and bunnies in that category. Not so much for me...

The earth is the Lord's and everything in it...Worship the Name of the Lord.

Pix credit: Hildred, 0406. You might note last Easter, the weather was nice enough for flip flops and shorts. Sigh. Not this year.


cindy said...

Our good friend Don coined the phrase "resurrection day" as opposed to Easter. I'm personally fond of it.

Have a great trip friend!

Mitzi said...

Look forward to reading your thoughts while in Fargo. The Lord's traveling mercies be with you Sweet One.

Jewels said...

Big sigh. I'll miss ya' Sunday!

Gracie said...

Great reminder about Resurrection Day. Thanks (and welcome back) friend!

Mitzi, thanks for stopping and for the blessing. Travel west went well. Thank you.

J--I'm so sad to miss tomorrow (and Sunday). We celebrated a Seder supper here tonight which I deeply appreciated. I'll look forward to hearing about the weekend!