09 April 2007

all too familiar in Fargo

In the category of rewriting my agenda, God has often redirected my time when traveling to and from Fargo North Dakota. It's not the only destination where he redirects me. But it's frequent and oh so familiar. Here are some of the scenarios I recall:

-battery failure requiring us to never turn off the ignition on a drive from Chicago to Fargo.

-alternator failure forcing a mid-trip repair, but the failure happened just outside of a Ford dealer in the middle of nowhere, Minnesota.

-running out of fuel outside of Moorhead, Minnesota (minutes from Fargo) and being brought to a gas station by a kind semi-truck driver. (There's a great explanation to this)

-Flight cancellation due to ice storm leading to three rebooked flights, car rental options, eventual transportation by train, derailed b/c of ice on the tracks, and much more fun. (Also known as planes, trains, and automobiles trip.)

-my current scenario? 5 am flight cancelled. Rebooked on afternoon/early evening flight--posing slight problem with my need to be at work by noon. Rebooked on a 7 am flight. Mechanical problems on 7 am flight lead to an 8:45 am departure still hoping to make a 12:40 arrival in Grand Rapids.

Writing about it at the moment doesn't seem very anxiety ridden. And it's not so much. But it does tend to rearrange the day. What a world we live in!

That said, time spent in Fargo was delightful. My nieces are a blast. My sisters are fun. My brother-in-law makes me laugh. Our reflections of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provoked pain and joy. I wouldn't change a thing.

We are blessed!


dumela83 said...

wow what a trip

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought all of those adventures happened on the same trip. If that were the case, I doubt that I would venture out of town ever again...perhaps not even out of bed. Glad you're home.

Mitzi said...

Whew!! I prayed for traveling mercies for you!! Was God joking!! Knowing God answers prayer, things might have been worse?! Glad to have you back safe and sound. Love ya.

Gracie said...

Well yes, D, it is a wonder that anyone might accompany me on any trip. In fact, did you need someone to join you and S's trip to China?? :-)

Thanks for your prayers, Mitzi. I AM curious what might have happened if you weren't praying!

Jewels said...

So did you leave your car in Fargo? I'm confused.