02 June 2008

yet another covert operation

Surprises, as you know, are part of our family's dna.
It would likely be no surprise that when I met up with my family for vacation we had a surprise planned for my nine year old niece Katrina (Kate).
My sister wanted to reward her daughter, my niece, for ways that she has contributed to the family, helped look after her younger sister and cared for younger neighbor girls, especially.
So Friday, my sister told Kate that something special was happening for her on Saturday morning and that two of her three aunties (myself and Auntie Hildred) would be coming to participate. (Not that you care, but this did not include us traveling to Fargo, as the Fargo family, of which Kate is a part, had already traveled to the Chicago burbs to meet up for our family vacation.)
We showed up Saturday morning and whisked her away.
We tried to mislead her by talking about swimming, water parks, amusement parks, etc.
We had a blindfold ready for the walk into the city.

But we needed nothing to distract her, because she had no idea where we were taking her.
Her delight in the experience spread like the shifting shades of color in a Lake Michigan sunset. Her spirit is so unassuming and sweet.
You may have guessed that we are at the American girl store.
Today, i want to appreciate the beauty and innocence of my niece's delight.
Although she was a bit overwhelmed to choose a doll, the smile barely left her face.
At one moment, Kate noticed the cafe and excitedly expressed that she had heard of people eating at the store and that the cafe experience included seating and "feeding" the dolls. How fun it was to show her the ticket for our reservation later that morning!
The lunch was delicious. Kate ordered this creatively presented plate.

Although we were definitely the minority
by not celebrating a birthday,
we still enjoyed cake and other delicious things as dessert.
From the menu to the napkin holders, they definitely attended to details.

And no matter what I think about the business of the American Girl doll industry, the way my niece received the gift and the experience in itself made for an amazing memory. And a very lovely day!
Mission accomplished.


Jewels said...

Fun times Diana - brings back memeories!

Stephanie said...


Reading this made me excited for the day Gretchen and I can take Amy's little girl to the American Girl store!