21 June 2008

holding things loosely

My macbook did not arrive solo.
By that I mean, when I purchased it, I could also receive some other items, at much reduced rates, to accompany it. (It needed friends or something.)
One friend was a great scanner/printer, which oddly, I've only employed once.
Although I was reluctant, I also purchased MS office.
And the third friend, a fabulous deal, was an Ipod.

As far as toys go, I'm not really a collector.
And to be sure, my ipod has capabilities beyond what I utilize.
I don't really listen to it that often.
But I've loaded all kinds of my favorite music on it.
In fact, when I lost my harddrive in January, I was grateful to still have all my music loaded on my ipod.

I say all this to say, on vacation, after riding the exercise bike, I joined my family who were watching Enchanted on the big screen in the game room at the little resort we stayed at. It was my cool down of sorts, to sit and join the movie already in progress.

A lingering tho't popped into my head over the next few days, but I ignored it. When we packed a few days later, the tho't reappeared. I couldn't find my ipod. We asked around. We looked everywhere we could think of. We left information at the front desk. But alas, I was convinced the thing had fallen out of my pocket in the game room, slipped b/tw couch cushions, and was now happily in the home of some resort employee. (I don't think the worst of people or anything! Sheesh.)
I experienced a variety of responses. Mostly I was mad at myself for not being responsible. And then I was sad to loose this "thing." And finally I tho't, who really cares, it is, after all, a thing. And maybe someone else gets to enjoy "my" favorite music. Good for them. I came to peace about. Really, others have taught me the importance of holding things loosely. It's much easier to detach and hold onto something else.

Last night my sister calls and mentions they cleaned out their van and found my ipod.
Since they had already snagged my tennis racket from vacation, it should be no surprise that they also took my ipod. (J/k guys.) I was surprised, really, but ultimately I was glad to hear it. I have another opportunity to be responsible for something, whether or not I need it.

And not to be ungrateful or anything, but I'm still wishing they'd find the cool red and black earring that I lost at their house on Easter.
I probably should be satisfied with my recovered ipod!


joyful said...

I am so glad KC-CK found your ipod - you had a lot invested in it and it seemed to bring you much joy in listening to music that you personally selected! I'm also glad that no one at the resort ended up stealing it, because I like thinking that my stuff is relatively safe at the resorts we invade.

hildred said...

yeah!!! i know what you mean ... don't use mine often either but it sure is nice when the occasion arises. also, i'm working on the earring angle for you!!!

Lana Baker said...

Great story. Yeah, it's interesting how attatched we get to our stuff so that when our stuff is missing we miss it! Well, get good with that scanner cuz I'm planning to get one and it would be handy if you knew all about it and could give me a little seminar on it-lol! I can think of so many great uses. Like scanning in the latest professional photo of my grandson-of course I would be thinking that! I left my favorite pink rhinestone reading glasses in Oregon at my parents' place last time I visited and was in a total panic b/c those glasses are just me! I was so relieved to find out they are there-but I told Mom not to bother sending them because then I'd have even more to look forward to when I get there-how weird is that! Anyway, your blog is right up at the top of the list. Always makes me laugh, think, relate, or SOMETHING! Thanks for being here!

Jewels said...

Rock on Gracie!

White Rabbit said...

i like your idea of holding things loosely. i read a good little devotional called "The Way to Love" that i think you might like. It talked a lot about this simple issue.