11 June 2008


my friend beth recently blogged about the summer slow down kids experience whilst in school.

This week I lunched with the instructor that had a major car accident back in January. She mused how before the accident, she had asked God for a break. Now she and her kids joke about being more specific in their prayers. Oodles of bones broken in her arms and legs, well, u can imagine that those fractures were not the type of break she was hoping for. And yet, her schedule drastically changed. She cannot keep the lifestyle or the schedule she once pursued.

Life's pace while on vacation last week definitely slowed down. We played cards, we read books, we took walks, we visited historic and other fun places, we ate when we were hungry, we snacked when someone else did, we took pictures, we talked, we watched movies, we played games, we slept in, we splashed in the pool, we sat in the hottub, we braved the sauna, we disregarded alarms and schedules...well you know the rhythm.

How does one schedule that type of pace into daily and weekly life? We need the leisure. We need the space. We need moments to contemplate, to read, to breathe, to sit and stare,
and yes, I might argue, even to roll down hills to provoke unrestrained laughter.
We need room in our schedules so we can be present to life.
Finding some semblance of balance can make all the difference.

Photo credit: these are all Hildred's from Galena 0608


Hildred said...

I can hardly believe it's been over 1 week already *sigh*. I MISS that pace!

Jewels said...

Nice pix, Hildred! I'm loving the vacation pace THIS week.

Lana Baker said...

Amen to that! I'm working on it...
I know, I know...you'll believe it when you see it! Me too-LOL!Sounds good though and I know you're soooo right on this one!