06 June 2008

who knew?

This was new to me,
but it seems about right.


Karla said...

huh. So how do you qualify as a banana-eater, exactly? One banana per day? Two? One with every meal? One per week?

Cindy said...

i'm the opposite of everything listed...brunette, adult, apple eater. i'm munched on a regular basis AND i'm allergic to the bites. what does that say about me???

Jodi said...

Man, if you're a blonde shild eating a banana...WATCH OUT!

Can they tell if you have colored your hair?

Jodi said...

I never proof read my entries... it should say CHILD not shild. Thanks for overlooking my horrid typing

Gracie said...

Yes, there are some things left to personal interpretation. Not sure.

well friend, we always knew there was SOMETHING about you. :-) All I can say is that this sign was posted at a very impressive museum/aquarium. They seemed to know things but there are always exceptions.

u're so right. It explains so many of my childhood bites. and no worries. we knew what u meant! (I do sometimes wish for a retract button tho!)