25 June 2008

love affair

I've felt this way for quite some time. It may have been at first sight.
One gaze in the eyes and I'm a goner. I remember looking the very first time. It was years ago already at His Mansion. A few of us went out for the evening. I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but I had fallen and fallen hard.

Lately, it's been the early morning, or late at night.
On a walk one morning with Jordan, we caught a glimpse of them under the trees, in the grass, lying down.
It was so lovely.
And then, the grace of movement is also breathtaking.
It's sad that they disappear as they flee into the woods. But watching them is amazing.
And the flip of the white tail.
Yep, that gets me too.

They are glorious creatures. I love looking on them.

Pix credit: Beth, from our latest camping adventure. She has a really good camera. Hooray!

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Lana Baker said...

I love looking at animals in nature also. It's a feel good kinda thing...just wish there weren't so many out on the roads. I've had a few close calls with these lovelies!They look best in the woods!