17 June 2008

Sister 3

Of course I can't rank my sisters, as I love them all dearly. But we are ordered, obviously, in the way we entered this very world.
Today, right very now, I celebrate the anniversary of Carmen's birth.
Happy Birthday number three.
I love that you're my sister.
I celebrate who you are and the life you live. It's a privilege to see you in the roles of wife and Mom. The beautiful spirit within your daughters was nurtured and cultivated by you and is most precious.
You are tons of fun to be with. And I don't mind your reminders, you know, to call, email, do the right thing, etc, most of the time! :-)

I'm excited to see what this new year brings.
God Bless you and keep you
God cause His face to shine upon you
and grant you His peace.
Happy Birthday number 3!


hildred Klungel said...

yeah, carmen! you are such a great reason to celebrate and rejoice!!! i love you too and echo di's sentiments.

Sabrina said...

Did you guys ever sing the "Sisters" song from White Christmas?
Did you ever feel like Little Women characters?

hildred said...

i don't recall every singing the song, but i used to imagine we were the little women characters. i especially related to jo, the tomboy (who was 2nd in birth order as am i)! i still like her the best!!! i don't know about the rest of my sisters, but that was my experience!

joyful said...

Happy birthday, dear Carmen. I realize I didn't add my wishes to this post, but I thought them at the time. May God give you many restful, peaceful moments in the coming year.