27 May 2008


People who know things will undoubtedly
know this picture location (what and where this was taken).
I'm not to be included in that set, however.
Imagine my delight, then, biking around on Memorial Day, when I discovered this lovely campus.

I'm particularly drawn to their doorways and windows. Something about the opening, the vision, the view, and the framing particularly captures my attention.

They appear to have intentionally tied new construction
to the styles and architecture matching older buildings.
It truly is lovely.
It's not enough to enlist me as a fan
for their football team or anything.
But I'm definitely a fan of the
beauty of their buildings and structures!

If we can so quickly recognize features such as the golden dome at Notre Dame,
it makes me wonder what is easily recognizable in us as people?
What do people see or notice from afar?
What qualities are associated with our personality or character?
Hmmm. Much to consider.
It's perhaps easier to simply appreciate the architecture.

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Lana Baker said...

Wow! I love these pictures! You come up with some great ones, girl! Makes me want to hop into the car right now and head for South Bend. Keep going-your blog is great!
Compass Pointe