10 June 2008

a few of my favorite things

so last week on the vacation with very little sun,
but with so much fun, we were on a jaunt
in the quaint little town of Galena, Illinois.
We came upon a levy.
And my sister said, "hey, let's roll down the hill."
"What?" Kate responded, "what does that mean Auntie Hildred?"
And so we showed her.

People, I can't even tell you how laughter burst forth from the depths of me as I rolled and rolled and rolled down this hill.
Tears spring to my eye corners even as I type this.

It is one of those pleasurable moments of sheer delight and joy.

One can't really capture all of that in a photo. But we tried.


Dan said...

I have a clip on my cell phone of our two daughters rolling down a hill at a park in Leavenworth last summer. It's one of my favorites. Whenever I need to brighten a cloudy day, I pull it up and watch it. The world would be a better place if we'd all roll down more hills.

Gracie said...

I love it. I agree the world would be a better place!

bon said...

I have a similar pic of you rolling down a hill by a covered bridge in Lowell- I remember laughing hysterically then too! How fun- so did Kate go down too?

edsmilde said...

What is this rolling down hills? I feel like I'm missing out on something!

edsmilde said...

oops, i don't mean to be logged in as ed but i am...jewels

Karla said...

you are cute. and fun. and i like you.

Cindy said...

i had a fabulous time teaching david, jacob and alayna the joy of rolling down hills last summer. i laughed myself sick. there is something very theraputic in it.

Gracie said...

it's true. I remember that photo AND the experience. And yes, i'm the person lower down in the photo. Kate is the one closer to the top. She loved it. Although, her bare arms got scratched by the grass a wee bit.

J, you ARE missing out. We'll have to roll down the hill behind church sometime from bellknap down. Okay, maybe not THAT hill...but somewhere. It's worth the experience (and never too late to teach ur kids).

K, thanks. I bet ur kids would love it if they haven't already tried!

C, I can believe watching that crew would be hilarious. Therapeutic is an excellent description!