03 July 2008

a girl, a sister, and their nephew

The days of summer fly at an alarming rate. With the break from school I've been trying to read "fun" books that have piled up, neglected given the attention demanded by my course reading. i've been re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia. About the time I finished A horse and his boy, I had opportunity to hang out with my sister and our nephew and we had an adventure of our own (admittedly, not as exciting or charming as the book but an experience none the less).

Moments with family are rare for me but I anticipate them greatly.
On this particular outing, our nephew traveled to Chicago and then he and my sister met me in Michigan City. MC was chosen for it's location on the lakeshore, and the proximity for both of us, not so much for what might be "on offer" activity wise.

As I arrived in MC, I drove to a few places to check them out. I mentioned to one particular gentleman who was collecting entrance fee money that I was meeting some people and asked, "what is there to do here?"
He seemed a bit puzzled as he responded, "do about what?"
Perhaps that should have been the indicator of the day...
As you might gather from this photo, folks in MC are concerned about what NOT to do there. As Jonathan and Hildred are so blatantly disrespecting the posted rules by standing next to the "no standing" sign. Such rebels.


Jewels said...

I always thought the big thing in MC is shopping. Now I know it's not parking. Years ago, we spent what seemed like a week in a holiday inn there one night.

Cindy said...

i feared you might get stuck there. i've never known there to be a thing to do. shop or gamble. alas...you did get you be with your fam. :o)

hildred said...

di, i had totally forgotten about that nice man you met ... made me laugh all over again. and don't deny you would have been "standing" like crazy if you hadn't had to take the photo!!!!

joyful said...

Okay, so I just found out that 'standing' (in Michiganese) means being stationary in your car with the engine running. Am I the only clueless one about that? Not to minimize the rebel-ness of the three of you for 'standing' right by that sign!!!

Gracie said...

J, yep, the shopping options are there. I was amazed how many were shopping in the heat of summer.
C, I appreciated your insights and suggests none the less! :-)
H, of course u're right. Glad I could remind you of the laughter at least!
J, never knew that. wouldn't have even thought to investigate it. U're so smart. Thanks!!!
And mind you, it was only TWO who rebelled. I simply snapped the photo. :-)