26 November 2007

twenty Q

One of the highlights over the Thanksgiving holiday was playing games.
I like games.
My family likes games. We favor the competitive side of life. Which may surprise you, given my reserved and understated personality! :-)
My nieces like games.

My sister packed a portable game called 20Q. You may know it. You think of an item (animal, vegetable, mineral or other). And the "computer" tries to guess what it is.
And people, this thing is really good. My nieces were fascinated by it. And all weekend long kept thinking of items to "stump" the computer. Instead you'd hear, "I can't believe it guessed that. Amazing. Let's think of something else..."

The very best moment was when Georgia's item was a person. The game is a bit cocky, "saying" things between questions like, "I know what you're thinking..." or "I can't believe you're thinking about that..." or, "I'm smart and I'm gonna win..." So it came down to question 20 and then the guess.
And it said, "it's a butt?"

Now, please understand, my nieces don't use that word. They refer to their backside as their bum. So saying butt is like permission to say an "illegal" word. The almost embarrassed laughter expresses their innocence in a shy and precious way.
This question, however, became the phrase of the weekend.

"Is it a butt?" someone would say, and the whole house (well, except for my brother in law) would laugh and laugh and laugh.

I can see you're not laughing either.
So you'll have to trust me and imagine, it was a funny moment. The girls and 20 Q!

We also took in the movie Enchanted. I can't even really begin to express every shade of excitement that radiated from my nieces in their anticipation of watching this film.
Now, for Georgia, and the rest of us,
it probably didn't live up to the expectation.
But for Kate, well, let's just say, she was under Disney's spell.


hildred said...

Yeah! That was really fun ... all of it ... 20Q ROCKS!!!

beth said...

I will never forget the time that 20Q guessed "soulmate" when I was thinking of Bono!!!!!!! It had been asking pretty dumb things too, so I never guessed it was on to me at all! Elizabeth was watching with me and we both about fell over in shock. The thing is brilliant!

Sabrina said...

I have a 20Q and I love it!!!! I have tried to stump it in every way possible! Sometimes I win, a lot of times 20Q wins!!! Hey did you happen to drive through MN on your way to FAARGO? (i'm saying it like a minnesotan would)
ha ha

Jewels said...

Gracie- I was totally laughing about Is it a butt? I feel like I've been there!

Gracie said...

Awww. That's all I can say about soulmate and Bono.

Totally passed thru the cities!! Totally tho't about you. Totally talked about you. Yep. Fun! If I had more time, I would've looked you up, or called, or something!

It's easy to relate to in a curious way, isn't it!! Happy to share the laughter.

bamafan said...


Have you ever played Euchre? Boy, that's a fun game.

You ought to try it sometime. Let me know if you're interested and I can teach you.

Gracie said...

U're a funny one you are!! I'm sure I could learn a lot from you!