07 November 2007

famine and feast?

In the category of "usual,"
I usually have several blog posts forming simultaneously in my head.
But not the now.
I'm parched.
Lacking in muse...(or something)
Perhaps, using too much energy for writing for school, I'm not sure.
I'm still journaling at home, but not in my head.

So the silence.

In the category of feast; however, at a recent slumber party,
that contained very little slumber,
pizzas of the feast variety were created and constructed in my very house.
These are just two of the creations. A Thai pizza and a Fettucine chicken (above).
We did the "normal" pepperoni, sausage, etc. too, and for someone who doesn't
usually choose pepperoni or sausage, these selections were fabulous!!
(Perhaps it was the "fresh from the deli pep and saus?)

I wish i still had some leftovers...
How's that dough, Cathy?

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